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Overhead Self-Ventilating Clothes Storage Systems

Overhead Self-Ventilating Clothes Storage Systems

The Moore LOCKERBASKET® System stores employee clothing and personal effects safely and securely overhead in a corridor of moving air, killing odor causing bacteria, and promoting quick and thorough aeration of clothing. LOCKERBASKETS are designed to allow clothing to hang full length to maximize garment surface exposure. Clothing is suspended back to back under the centerline of the basket to prevent contact with clothes on adjacent baskets.

Complete LOCKERBASKET® Storage System Complete LOCKERBASKET® Storage System
  • 100% Self-ventilating Overhead Clothes Storage System
  • Bright, Open, Cleaner changeroom with an 85% fixture free floor area
  • 40% less changeroom floor area required
  • Sanitary, integrated system shippped complete for easy installation
  • 48 hour shipment for standard replacement parts
  • Design layout and technical support

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