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Industrial Metal Baskets manufactured by The Moore Co., Inc.

Made from steel wire welded to a steel frame, industrial metal baskets are valuable items in the workplace and have applications in a variety of situations. These baskets can be used in store rooms, changerooms or offices. The open design is self-ventilating and keeps contents of the baskets from retaining odors and inhibits the growth of bacteria. The open design of these metal baskets also allows the users to view the contents of the baskets with a quick glance.

Industrial metal baskets by The Moore Company will add a new dimension to your storage capabilities. When a locking top is added to the baskets, the contents are protected from unauthorized users. Personal belongings in the baskets are safe and secure when locked. We would be happy to discuss with you how our industrial metal baskets can improve your storage issues. Please contact us today.

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LOCKERBASKET Storage Systems are sanitary and secure
LOCKERBASKET Storage Systems are sanitary and secure

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