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Industrial Overhead lockers manufactured by The Moore Co., Inc.

Industrial overhead lockers are innovative and functional products that can be integrated into most situations. Offering workers a secure and safe storage option for personal and work belongings, this type of locker changes the atmosphere of changerooms for the better. With overhead lockers, the rooms are brightened and floor space is opened so that workers have more space to move around. This system of industrial lockers facilitates traffic flow and reduces congestion in change rooms.

Industrial overhead lockers are fully integrated systems that can be installed into new or existing rooms with recommended 16 foot high ceilings. We supply a complete system that is ready for installation. With industrial overhead lockers, the airflow to belongings is increased which, in turn, inhibits the growth of bacteria and creates a healthy work environment. Please contact our representatives to learn more about our industrial overhead locker.

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Industrial overhead lockers offer safe storage options
Industrial overhead lockers offer safe storage options

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