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Industrial Wire Baskets

Industrial wire baskets are a viable option for storage and your storage area requirements. We manufacture wire baskets from heavy-duty 12-gauge steel wire that is welded to steel frames at all intersections and corners. An epoxy powder coat in light gray is applied to protect the metal finish and the coating is more durable than paint. The baskets will not react to severe weather conditions because they are non-corrosive and as such, adaptable to many environmental conditions.

Industrial work clothes storage can be a challenge for industries. Our industrial wire baskets are ventilated providing fresh air circulation for the articles in the basket and offering hygienic storage conditions. Our unique design provides for easy cleaning by simply spraying when spills occur.

Locking devices are available for securing contents and ensuring safety. Your changing room area will accommodate these units without sacrificing space. Our metal baskets are handy in storage rooms, offices and rooms for changing clothes. Basket contents are easily viewed through the vents. Our basket system has no interior barriers.

We have installed our system in foundries, plants, mills and the mining industry for over 50 years.

For planning your custom storage area, please contact us with your specifications and questions. We are here to provide you with your specific needs that are high-tech in storage area solutions. We do not charge for helping you configure your special changing room storage requirements or any other special room that would benefit from industrial wire baskets. We will provide you with a timely response and high quality storage system products.

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