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Overhead Fall Protection Systems utilizing a Descent Control Device

The overhead LOCKERBASKET® Storage System is equipped with a descent control device to prevent a basket from falling accidentally if the operator loses control of the hoisting chain or there is a malfunction in the system. The device contains a centrifugal braking system that will engage if the basket descends too quickly. A second braking device helps to absorb the energy generated while falling making this a unique overhead fall protection system. Once engaged, the descent control device will stay in a locked position until the tension on the hoisting chain is relieved.

The braking systems in the descent control device are calibrated to allow the basket to be lowered to an acceptable working height and will not engage when the basket is being safely lowered. Providing changerooms that are functional and safe is a priority at The Moore Company. This descent control device is designed to prevent workplace accidents and keep employees safe.

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Descent Control Device for our Overhead Fall Protection Systems
Descent Control Device for our Overhead Fall Protection Systems

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